Friday Massive: New Shows, Happenings and What Have Yous

All right, to start the Massive off right, we need to talk about a little email I got this week from one of my favorite spots in Seattle,The Nectar lounge, giving the good news that with all cool vintage reggae we have going on this summer, we can add The Gladiators to the list! That’s right, Clinton Fearon’s old group will be here on June 23rd, with Mr. Fearon joining them for the night. Mr. Fearon, of course, is one of our local Reggae legends that has made his home in Seattle since the late 80s, and gigs with his group, Clinton Fearon and The Boogie Brown Band. They will be hitting up Nectar on June 11th.

Next, as you can all see, we are growing this page slowly and welcome any feedback, or info you would like to share. By next week, We will have links up to bands located in the Seattle, Portland and Vancouver/Victoria areas, as well as more complete show lists for Portland and Van/Vic. Admittedly though, Our knowledge of venues in Portland and Van/Vic are limited, so if you know of a show happening in these areas, or nearby areas, tweet us @theskamission or email Our only stipulation is that it has a good amount of Ska or Reggae.

Finally, every Friday Massive, I’m going to throw out a music suggestion that I hope you all will check out and maybe add to your musical collection! Today, I think you should check out, “Ska.Reggae.Soul,” by The Bandulus from Portland via Houston. I popped this in my car after a lunch break up to Everett and love that the album title works as a ratio for the tunes, made up of equal parts Ska, Reggae and Soul. Love the title track and the vibe through out the album, but I’d have to say, “Hold Me Tight,” has probably been replayed about 20 times in the last 24 hours! Plus, 7 bucks is cheap and supports future efforts from Jeremy and the gang! That’s all for today’s Massive, catch you in week!



Welcome to The Ska Mission

I had been toying with the idea of trying to get back into some form of promotion for a while. Obviously, life takes off at different times and before you know it, you’re no longer a 20 year old kid worried about covering a venue charge and guarantee with only 20 tickets pre sold, you’re actually a 31 year old dad trying to jump into a new career worried about the attendance of a festival with the legacy of a local legend hanging over it. At least until about 9:30 this past Friday evening…

Now, I know anybody who spent the rest of the night around me, or any part of Saturday knows I didn’t stop doing head counts out loud along with estimations of cuts for each of the bands, but hell, I’m trying to become an accountant so I guess that’s a habit that isn’t leaving any time soon. Also, I think by then I was completely floored by the response to what was happening in that second story bar at 210 Broadway that like somebody in shock, I was still having a hard time 100% accepting what was right before my very bleary eyes. Put simply: Seattle loves Ska and Ska loves Seattle. Whether it was the constant dancing, the general excited vibe coming from the audience or the bands helping each other out at every juncture and enjoy their interaction with the fans, it became irrefutable this past weekend and kicked up the exuberance stored within the chattering frantic guy writing this down.

So, here we are, because in addition to myself, I have R.C., another Ska Dad with a lot going on outside of this scene, but with a huge love and determination to keep it vibrant and running smooth so that our kids will be skanking along with yours in the years to come. Also, we welcomed Melissa to the fold, a rudie from California that is going to help us preach the good word of Ska this last week so we are in no longer in short supply of passionate Skathusiasts, though we are always looking to connect with all people that love this music.

Finally, whether you connect with us directly, use this site as resource to connect with the Pacific Ska scene, or no longer to desire to see anything further for this, thank you for checking it out and I hope you can find your own way to keep contributing to scene whether it be performing on stage, recording audio/video, taking sweet photos, promoting other shows, or just going to shows and having an excellent time. Just don’t stop, because we have a good thing going here and hopefully its meant to last a long time.