A Call to Action of the HIGHest Priority!

It’s crunch time, or toke time, depending on the amount of trips you make to these tiny shops with the giant green plus signs, but despite what your extracurricular substance of choice may or may not be, We have really got to get It Gets Worse on this year’s Seattle Hempfest bill!

These dudes have been pounding the pavement and mashing the keyboards in order to spread the word of this campaign. James even had to increase his normal amount bong rips (which I’m sure has been extremely agonizing) when It Gets Worse rewarded each vote with a hit on last month’s Green Holiday. Now, they are offering stickers and the postage paid to anyone willing to throw their support in the 11th hour and honestly, if you haven’t done it already, it’s an extremely easy process:

TEXT  igwband to 95577… TEXT igwband to 95577… TEXT IGWBAND TO 95577!!!

So gloriously simple and yet, powerful in its execution!


Hold The Door (For the Skablins!)

So, Ska bands come from all sort of awesome places, not just ye olde jazz alleyways in New York city, or graduating high school band squires from Southern California. Hell, even would be collegiate bards in the U-District don’t cover everything, as far down the 9, away from my stomping grounds in Bothell, there resides Skablins!

That’s Right, Skablins and if the good word hasn’t reached those two orifices dug out of the side of your head, the message will clearer soon!

You see, this merry band of miscreants have made their home at The Mirkwood Public House, in the town of Arlington. They bring the Ska like only a medieval horde can, stacked with a killer horn section prepared to drop Jericho in a single blast and fronted by a roguish madman that moves faster than a level 20 thief.

Currently, they are preparing to honor their grand hall, the aforementioned Mirkwood Public House and it having withstood onslaughts from roving barbarians armies, rampaging ogres and the disdain of Snohomish folk that don’t like to have fun for 10 years. In order to please Skablien Gods, there will praises song upon open mic nights, an art exposition stocked by works brought by artisans all over the land, and of course, the traditional bacchanal type party that praises the deity all pious Skablanian citizens recognize annually: A Tiki Ska Night that will feature The Kings from the kingdom of Emeralds and The Bandulus from the land of Ports. This glorious night of hedonism takes place on July 16th and will feature all the tropical libations guaranteed to get you Skablinebriated and traditional attire is preferred.

In other big News, these Skablins have decided to focus their next attempt of domination on the faire within their territories most commonly referred to as The Stillguamish Festival of the River. They will be taking the stage on August 13th right before the two tone warriors, The English Beat and best of all, you can stow your pence (unless you have a carriage you need to park nearby), because this one is free admission!

Oh, but should you have some coin upon you, word on the cobble covered thoroughfares is that there will be some new Skablish hymnals available through the magic of recorded audio. Not official yet, but I have it high authority from a Skablinite Shaman that you should prepare yourself and your IPhones now!

Video credit to Ska BoB

The Friday Massive: Summer (And Los Angeles) is Coming!

And when it gets here, it will be a summer of good times, good dancin’ and most of all, good music. First things first, We have a bit of Ska, Punk and Reggae at everybody’s favorite Punker Dive, The Kraken:

The Ska Mission Presents:

It Gets Worse

Rundown Kreeps

Echo Shot

We’re stoked to get Echo Shot on their first bill with us, as well as welcome Rundown Kreeps, awesome Skacore from LA, to the Emerald City (check out a song by them below) and tapping us off, It Gets Worse brings that beefalo influenced Wyoming Ska to the stage. Oh and by the by, IGW still needs everybody with a cellphone to text igwband to 95577 in order to get on Hemp Fest. So if you haven’t done that yet, get it on and if you have done it, try it again anyway, because why the hell not, eh?

Next, We have this little beauty of a shindig on July 16th at the Middle Earthiest bar you’ve ever been to, The Mirkwood Public House:

The Ska Mission Presents:

The Bandulus

The Kings

The Skablins

It’s going to be Tiki themed, so bust out that Hawaiian print and prepare to drink something tropical. Some of the sharpest dressed may even win prizes, especially if they can balance a coconut on the head while limboing. RC may even spit a little fire but that will depend on which side of the Cohiba he lights after swigging coquito. Either way, this show promises to bring the islands to Arlington, and the dancing to the Mirk! One final, note: if you’re interested in car pooling, please comment at the end of this post, or in the event page. I know lots of y’all are quite a hike away from the venue, so what better may to save gas and maybe make some new friends on the way up?

Finally, We have a few awesome groups making their Seattle debuts at our newfound water hole, The Highline! Come out on August 3rd for:

The Ska Mission Presents:

The Steady 45s (Los Angeles, CA)

Matamoska (Los Angeles, CA)

The Georgetown Orbits

Irie Idea

The Steady 45s have been the backing band for legends such as Ken Boothe and The Clarendonians, while Matamoska has been tearing up the LA Skacore scene and plan to start a sizable dance frenzied riot on that second story hardwood. Have a taste right here and get yourself hungry for what these California Kings have to offer:

So, the summer is looking golden, but you never know what’s in the works, just to give you all a little bit of the runaround. hehehe