The Livin’s (Kinda) Easy in the Summertime

It’s been ridiculously too long so, let’s get updated:

Well, in the past week I’ve hung out with Tikis, tuned into a Facebook live video and podcast that were synced for a coupe of seconds, produced about a half liter or so of Orgeat and emailed/messaged/noshed/chilled with a whole buncha you Ska people. Two of our Skamission Summer Shows happened with It Gets Worse, Rundown Kreeps and Echo Shot killin’ it at the Kraken while The Bandulus, Skablins and The Kings swung skirts of grass over at the Tiki Ska Night at the Mirkwood Public House in Arlington.

Next up, we have Matamoska and The Steady 45s making their way up from LA to play at the Highline on August 3rd with The Georgetown Orbits and Irie Idea, so good times are on the way. I suggest you hit up Matamoska’s bandcamp and get those albums now, as well as hit up The Steady 45s for some free downloads on reverbnation. I’ll reiterate that you do the same for the GTOs and Irie, but come on, you haven’t already?!?

Now some quick bits of info/rumors/etc:

-Don’t forget that glorious Kings’ album hits wax on August 1st. They just announced a show at the Kraken on July 30th, show be sure to be there!

-It Gets Worse debuted a new singer, Chelsea Crispin, at their show with The Holophonics and Be Like Max. Over the feed I heard from Tacoma, she reminded a little of Elyse Rodgers (DHC) and had great energy to match the awesome tone! Can’t wait to her how her voice sounds on that debut album they’ve started tracking and hope to have to us all in the fall.

-It Gets Worse also added some low end reed sounds by bringing out Michael Turner Anderson Esq. on stage with them at The Mirk this past Friday. Currently the Tenor Saxist for the Skablins, MTA busted out the Bari for this set. Excited to see more of this to come.

-Did I say MTA? and Skablins? Good, cuz MTA is actually working on producing the next album by the Skabs and we should have something later in the summer from them. Though, I hear they got a stash of their last album, “Take Off Your Pants,” somewhere in the depths of the Mirk, so be sure to hassle them about procuring a copy every chance you get!

-What? New Natalie Wouldn’t? Chyea! The dudes just dropped a 4 song EP called “Mine,” that you can grab off CDBaby, so do it!