The Skamission was something I came up with when I was in college and first made my foray into attempting to book ska shows around Seattle. Simply put, we’re on a mission for Ska, more specific to the Greater Pacific Northwest area, (though we’re always glad to throw support to any bands out of the region) and less specific in our defining of Ska (Reggae, Two Tone, Rocksteady, Third Wave, Jawaiian, Dub, Lovers Rock, Rockers, Roots, Dancehall, etc). If this rings true to you, we’ll catch you on stage, on the dance floor or by a turntable!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Stuck,
    I’m in need of a Ska band to play a late night gig of about 45 minutes to an hour of great ska covers i.e. English Beat, Specials, Steel Pulse, etc.
    The gig is in early to mid-June here in Seattle.
    It’s a cool gig at a high end donor party in need of a fun, cool, dance thing at the end of the night.
    Thanks in advance for any bands you could recommend.


    • Hey man,

      I don’t know of a lot of local groups that specialize in covers, but I would say that the best place to pose this inquiry is the “Seattle Ska” and “Seattle Ska Scene” groups on Facebook. Lots of great musicians hang there and may be down for the kind of set you have in mind.


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